You'll have it made in the shade!
There are many benefits to installing an awning on your home. You can save on your monthly energy costs, protect your family from 99% of the harmful UV rays, and it will add value to your home.

Allison's Awnings can provide fixed and retractable awnings for every opening to your home. We proudly promote Sunair retractable awnings for their warranty and the quality of their products.

Advanced computer software allows Joey to superimpose an exact size, shape, and color awning on your home or business to make decision-making a breeze. You can view different colors, patterns, and sizes before you order. Joey has photos of the before, the computer imposed, and the finished product installed.

The colors you want, in the most durable fabrics, are available. We are a qualified distributor for Sunbrella fabrics, chosen for their superior product.

Reliable, professional installation. We have it all. For your home or business! Trellis, canopy, carport, and more!

Patio Covers

Allison's specializes in covering your outdoor space. Each component of your system is engineered to assemble with flawless fit and finish. Every design detail has been carefully considered to enhance aesthetic appeal and the natural wood appearance. From any angle, your patio cover reflects our commitment to the highest-quality craftsmanship.

Allison's Awnings utilizes Superior Mason Products to install patio covers and carports.

Allison's can cover any outdoor space!
If you are looking to add curb appeal to your business, look no further! Allison's awnings can attract customers by adding a new facade to your business with an awning, custom lettering, and a new protected sitting area for your patrons.